Good day, I am

Dominic du Boulay

I am offering my services as a dedicated webmaster to several companies that shares my time.

More than a site, an employee who works with you as a team so that together we increase your revenue.

Functional sites

Sites with multiple features oriented to make money!

Increasing your revenue

I am working as a team with you to increase your revenue.


My goal is to build relationships, not just contracts.

Take a close look at the following case study:

Daniel Ovando

Owner of


Daniel started a mobile barbershop service in Montérégie, Quebec. I met him on the street and had my hair cut. I was super happy with my haircut, and asked him:

“Daniel do you have a website?” He said no!

I simply offered him: “I will take care of your digital marketing for $ 50 per week every thing included and at the end it will cost you nothing, I would even say on the contrary, you will be making money with me.”

He goes : “ok. Go for it !”

So I got down to work

1) Ordering his domain name

I ordered, for him on my domain registrar. So far Daniel has not yet taken a penny out of his pockets.

Then people who already knew him needed to be able to find him on Google under his business name, but also the ones who didn’t know him needed to be able to find him, if they were looking for a “mobile barbershop”.

So I did some work to register his domain name in search engines under : fade on wheels but also for the keywords “mobile barbershop” that’s called the seo.

He is now 1st on google !

2) The website’s creation

Website design, hosting on premium servers, royalty-free professional images, e-mail box in redirection mode, domain name included, IP telephony system with toll-free number e.g.1-833-YOU-FADE, search engine optimization, daily backups, content delivery network, advanced security, SSL certificate.

Multiples ⭐⭐⭐ features, his site generates profit.

Functional Site

Site with multiple features oriented to help Daniel, make money!

Modern and Professional Design

An attractive site that catches the eyes of its customers, while being professional, easy to use with a simple procedure for them to follow.

Online Store

It allows customers to buy directly from the website, generating income for him.

Online Booking

In addition to purchasing the services online on the site, customers are also making an online reservation, giving them access to Daniel’s schedule, which synchronizes directly with Daniel’s Google calendar, and he automatically receives his appointments on his iPhone. It spares a lot of time for both, the client and Daniel.

Mobile App

All orders and appointments are also displayed to him in a mobile application installed on his iPhone.

Newsletter Software

A form at the bottom of each page allowing customers to subscribe to the newsletter and there is also an automatic subscription request when the clients are placing an order on the site. Helps a lot into building his marketing database.

Opening Hours

Display opening hours clearly and unambiguously.

Delimitation of Service Zones

One of the major problems that Daniel had at the time was that anyone called him at any times, and he was going left and right throughout the day, we remedied the situation by delimiting the days for the zone coverage.  We have divided his work into 5 zones. He saves on gas, and he also saves a lot of time, allowing him to do more cuts in the same day.

Displaying the Rates

Highlight the rates on the first page, so customers have immediate access to the information.

Generation of a Customer Database

Before Daniel had his appointments on his cell phone by: Phone Calls, Text Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, by consolidating the appointment booking on the website. We are gradually centralizing its customer database. This gives us the possibility of communicating directly with them to make them particular offers: we now keep, name, email, telephone number, postal address as well as the history of their orders.

Chat via Facebook Messenger

From his site, Daniel’s customers can communicate with him directly via the Facebook Messenger application that is linked to his Facebook business page, then Daniel receives messages live on his iPhone.

Bilingual website

In order to better promote its services to different audiences, we offer content available in French and English in order to offer a better customer experience to the users.

Image Gallery

Outlines the different cuts Daniel made to make new customers want to try his services.

Customer Testimonials

Post the reviews and comments Daniel has received from his customers over the time, to inspire others to follow them and try Fade on Wheels’s services.

Customer Loyalty Program

Establishment of a points and rewards system, it works like bonus dollars which gives 10% in points per orders. Basically with 10 cuts and they get one free.

New Customer Bonus

To encourage new customers to try the services, we are offering 100 points when they create an account, valid on their next cuts.

Content for PC, Tablet and Mobile

To improve the customer experience and make the site easier to use on all devices, I optimized the content so that it looks great on PCs, tablets and mobiles.

At this step of my work, Daniel had not spent more than $1000, his site was live, and he was already generating more income than what it costed him.

3) Optimization of his Facebook page

Daniel already had a page, so I asked him to add me as administrator, so that I can optimize it, in order to get better result.

I made the page’s banner so that it clearly represents the service it offers at first glance.

I set up the Messenger, with automated messages that courteously explains to his customers that Daniel is mostly on the road and that it is difficult for him to respond instantly and then provide them with a way to get an appointment by themselves on the site as well as obtaining information on rates and coverage areas.

Ready to start some Facebook ads.

4) Graphic creation

He needed a flyer that I did, and also I animated it so that we could use it on social networks.

English – French / Recto – Verso

5) Mass email marketing

I take care of keeping his clients informed of new developments, but the most important thing is to send a letter every month so that they think of him. Each month, sending newsletters generates bookings and gives the satisfied customers the opportunity to forward emails to their loved ones to expand the clientele.

Little by little the audience increases, and will give me the possibility of segmenting it, to better adapt the content to the different type of users.

The postman every month has come by!

6) Facebook ads 🎯

The whole thing on Facebook, is not just to put an online ad available to everyone, but really to target the audience in order to maximize the revenues generated by them.

Daniel’s Typical Client Persona:

A mom in a hurry with children, who finds it difficult to bring them to the barbershop, she uses Daniel’s services for her whole family. So instead of only having one haircut per rendez-vous, Daniel often does 2-3 or even 4 haircuts at the same places!


This ad that you see on the image has generated 7 orders from new customers. For a total of $320 in sales and it costed him $50, all going directly through the website without Daniel even talking or responding to anyone.


The site, as well as the Facebook’s auto messaging system, was ready to answer any questions and take orders, automatically!

This ad that you see on the image has generated 7 orders from new customers. For a total of $320 in sales and it costed him $50, all going directly through the website without Daniel even talking or responding to anyone.


The site, as well as the Facebook’s auto messaging system, was ready to answer any questions and take orders, automatically!

7) Results $$$ speak for themselves

So far Daniel has spent $2240 with me, and we have generated $9288 in sales. For a profit of 7048$

His site ended up not costing him anything, but in addition it makes him earns money. And he hasn’t touched his computer once, his business is 100% cloud-based, in his pocket on his smartphone!

Good day, I am

Available to work as a team with you!

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Functionnal websites

Increasing your revenue