All included ? A digital solution to increase your revenue ?

Tout Inclus?

Que ce soit un site d’une page , ou de 5 pages obtenez les mêmes inclusions.

What is a digital solution?

It is an amalgamation of web and digital products, landing page, lead magnet, website, online store, reservation system on your website, newsletter, Facebook strategy.

All our solutions include:

Logo, Business Card, Domain Name, Hosting, SEO, phone number and messaging system, online chat, redirected emails and SSL certificate.

In addition, obtain the number of pages necessary to increase your revenue

We develop your logo -included!

The logos of your company are included.

Choose from several sketches.


Business Card Mockup



Design of your lettering

Domain Name & Hosting !

Your domain name ex: and your emails in redirect mode: -> 

As well as Hosting your site.

Website Secured SSL Certificate included

All our sites are secure using the free certificates of letsencrypt, sleep on both ears.

Phone system and a unique phone number for your site!

Get a unique phone number for your website that will be redirected to a phone assistant: example made 1 for sales 2 for technical services etc.

With this system you’ll be able to know how much phone call a month your site brings you. (in any case of abuse, additional fees might apply.)

Online chat application that brings you leads!

If you wish we will install a live chat service called tidio so if a visitor asks some  questions you will receive live chat on your Apple or Android mobile device.


Top Quality Google Natural SEO !

When people look for your services, it goes without saying that your site is displayed in the first results.

Nothing’s guaranteed, though we are pretty amazing when it comes time to get out on the 1st page!

Multi-Fonctionnel websitess.

Get a multi-functional website, to offer your services in the best possible way, as professionally as possible.

Wait that's not all

See the complete digital solution we did for daniel of

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